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Colonel Thomas Monstery, and the Training of Jaguarina, America’s Champion Swordswoman

Originally posted on Martial Arts New York:
“In the encounter with Monstery, at the end of a four hours’ bout neither of the parties had gained a point, and the combat was declared a draw.” ? During the late nineteenth…

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Foin /fɔɪn/ Archaic. Etymology: From Old French foene, Latin fuscina (trident). noun (plural foins) a thrust or any varying thrusting weapon. verb (foins, foining, foined) to thrust with a sword or stab. See also French: fouine (a marten).

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This is Your Brain on Fencing

This is your brain on fencing: How certain sports may aid the aging brain. Rockwell Classical Fencing shared the following link that summarizes selected research on how fencing affects the aging brain. It is a short summary of an Italian … Continue reading

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Fencing and Dance

A gentleman of the 18th Century was schooled in the arts of fencing, dance, and horsemanship. What evidence do I cite? Well… the monkeys, of course! The Fencing Master and The Dance Instructor Christophe Hüet, from Singeries, ou différentes actions … Continue reading

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Care and Maintenance: Fencing Uniform

One of the wonderful things about fencing is there is so much to learn and experience. An essential element of fencing that is all too frequently overlooked with the uninitiated is the care and maintenance of one’s fencing uniform — … Continue reading

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