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French Fencing Sources on Using the Unarmed Hand to Parry or Oppose an Incoming Blade

Early in western fencing’s history, the nonsword hand played an important role.  And, as usual, Italian masters led the way. Achille Marozzo’s 1536 Opera Nova instructed readers as to how to hold a sword and a buckler.  For a multitude … Continue reading

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Opposition, Timing, and Francesco’s Pipes

Last Saturday, we took a break from staying in and defending and attacking from the lunge.  Instead, we worked on some timing aspects.  Specifically, we focused on counterdisengaging upon our opponent’s change of engagement. (If any of these terms aren’t … Continue reading

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Just in Time for Thanksgiving, Something to Snack On . . . .

Next time you see him, congratulate Josh for doing pretty well in his first foil tournament.  Staying true to his French roots, he even used his French grip! As a reminder, there is no fencing this Thursday.  Instead, wear your … Continue reading

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