Location, Times, & Dues


Our Salle d’Armes  is located inside Columbia Jazzercise Center (next to Osaka’s) at:
120 E Nifong Blvd, Suite C, Columbia, MO  65203
Map It

Practice Times

Chris. December, 2012.

Assistant Instructor, Chris O’Keefe

Thursdays from 8-10 pm &
Saturdays from 2-4 pm

Practice usually consists of warm-ups followed by varied instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced fencers.  Beginners usually start with classical foil. Intermediate and advanced fencers may choose instruction in another weapon such as smallsword or sabre when offered.  Instruction is presented by Patrick T. Morgan, CCF’s head instructor, and Chris O’Keefe,  assistant instructor.
Please Contact Us if you have questions or plan to visit.

On the last Thursday of each month, regular practice is suspended for fight night.

Club Dues

$35/month due the first Thursday night of each month.


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